Offshore Rig Medic

Location: Offshore (UK)

Category: Marine
Contract: Temporary
Rotation: Various

Drillmar Resources are currently looking to register CVs for the position of Offshore Rig Medic for various ad-hoc / short term vacancies.

Candidates MUST have previous operational experience in the role of Offshore Rig Medic working onboard drilling installations to be considered for any vacancies and be in possession of the following essential certification:
OPITO Survival (BOSIET / FOET) & CA-EBS Training.


Offshore Paramedic , USA

Employer: PRIME Occupational Medicine:
Location: Offshore (USA)

The principal responsibility of the Offshore Paramedic is providing emergent care in the event of a medical emergency. During an emergency all other duties become secondary. The Paramedic is also responsible as the primary health care provider, for the health and well being of crew members and associated personnel at the job location.

Medical Duties:

Provide emergency medical treatment as appropriate
Provide non-emergency care as appropriate
Properly document all patient treatment
Maintain personnel prescription & medical condition records
Maintain medical equipment, supplies, and clinic on the facility
Maintain monthly equipment maintenance records.
Maintain written crew change notes to pass on important information between the paramedic/clerks

Offshore Nurse / Medic (Dutch )

Employer: Redwave
Location: Offshore

Salary: € 4,100 gross per month with full-time employment

What do we offer you?
Development opportunities. You follow various offshore training courses and courses that we offer to obtain, for example, your Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO), Fire Fighting, VCA and Marcom A certificate. In addition, the Nogepa 2.11 Offshore Medics course keeps coming back for you every year
We start with an annual contract, but as far as we are concerned, it does not stop there. We intend to enter into a long-term relationship with you. We are therefore happy to help you further in building or continuing your career
A unique workplace in the North Sea
Independence and responsibility. You put your own stamp on your position
Variation. Within this position you alternate medical work with HLO activities and administration


Off-Shore Paramedic

Employer:  International SOS
Location:  Global

The Off-Shore Paramedic is the sole provider of primary and emergency health care services to an expatriate workforce and oversees all aspects of clinical medical management within the clinic, inlcuidng medical evacuation support
In addition, is responsible to position International SOS as the principal health care provider in the shoo-shore community

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:
Patient Care
Undertake clinical consultations and provide a high standard of service and care to patients attending the clinic
Develop and ensure continuity of patient care and appropriate follow-up and referral
Asssst with the implentation of peventative medical care strategiues, including structuring and performing medical screening services


HSE Medic , Brazil

Location: Brazil 

Vessel: AHTS
Start: December 
Trip: long term rotations


Doctor (Offshore Accomodation) , Offshore Israel

Location: Offshore Israel

We are currently looking for a Doctor to work on board an offshore accommodation vessel that will operate 12 nm out of Israel.

Very good English, HUET or BOSIET and previous offshore experience are a must.

Rotation 6 weeks on / 6 weeks off.